Meridian's PetroAnswers is an important resource for petroleum companies striving for a smoothly operating business. Where else do you have a centralized, content rich space that offers owners and employees knowledge and information on a wide variety of critical topics which are accessible at any time?

The way it works is simple:

1)  Your company enrolls in the program via a low monthly membership subscription. $1 for the first month, regular $97 per month. (cancel anytime)

2)  After enrollment, each designated team member is given their own password (which can be changed at any time).

3)  You and designated members of your team will get unlimited access to:

  • Monthly Hot Topic Webinars - Betsi and experts in each field will cover timely topics each month.
  • Industry Specific Educational Articles – over 300 archived articles in addition to Betsi’s latest topics.
  • Best Practice Tools – Such as a high cost of slow pay calculator, true cost of discounted vendor terms, and many, many more.
  • Forms and Documents - Sample credit application, collection letters and an assortment of other documentation.
  • Monthly Huddles -

Credit Huddle  – Your chance to speak directly with other petro owners and credit professionals, anonymously share challenges, discuss successes- all accomplished without anyone leaving your office.

Tech Huddle – This monthly open-mic discussion on technology lets you and your team anonymously find out what is working and what is not. If there is something new out there you would like to find out about, let us know! We will bring it up for a discussion.

CFO Huddle – This monthly, open-mic discussion on finance is designed just for CFOs and Controllers. Bring your questions and successes to anonymously share what's working and what isn't.

Sales Huddle - Open-mic, monthly  huddle!  Hit your sales goals and  volume! Bring your toughest sales management challenges to discuss with others nation-wide. This Huddle is led by one the nation’s best sales recruiters and trainers.

Retail Huddle - Open-mic, monthly huddle designed expressly for c-store operations. We’ll explore what you and others are doing to retain great people as well as talk about your hot topic needs.

Truck Huddle - This open-mic, monthly huddle is for whoever is in charge of your drivers and trucks. We cover everything related to drivers and trucks that are on your mind. Bring your questions and comments for this open dialog format huddle.

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"I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the webinars. Each one I attend, even those that may not be directly related to my role as a Safety Risk Supervisor, always tend to open my eyes to something that I can relate to the safety risk aspect of our work environment. I truly appreciate the work you put in to these and the interaction you bring between everyone involved in them. Thank you for the job you do, we truly appreciate the valuable information you present and the discussions you bring about." 😊
Kevin Osborne  |  O'Rourke Petroleum Co.